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We are based in California and are approved to work in the United States. We work remotely and on-site as needed.


We love building software. We love when people use our software. Whether you are looking to create the first version of your next “big idea” or looking to evolve an existing platform, we can help.


We are developing new products that use machine learning to improve the quality of your home and your business.


Acquiring a company or a team is a painful process. We’ve been on both ends of that table; we have been acquired and done the acquiring. Technical due diligence is one of many aspects to an acquisition, and one that we perform.


Hiring the wrong people is detrimental. We’re good at forming small teams that care about their work, move quickly and get things done.

Development Processes

Sound development processes are important for any maturing company. We can guide your teams from “no process” to “enough process” to match growth. We can also find aspects of your existing process that may be too cumbersome and suggest changes to make your teams happier and more efficient.


Our career background is in video games, mobile, payments, and online commerce. Need advice on where to take your existing products or ideas? Let us know.

Our Team

We are friends and colleagues who enjoy building software together.

Greg Doane

Greg Doane


Lives in Calfornia
  • Co-founder (FogBreak)
  • CTO (Live Gamer)
  • Architect (Autodesk)
Brian Mathiyakom

Brian Mathiyakom


Lives in Calfornia
  • Architect (Autodesk)
  • Engineering Manager (Live Gamer)
  • Software Engineer (Twofish)


Nothing can substitute experience.

  • Let’s Chat


    Let’s Chat

    Brian joins Greg at a tiny tech startup in California.

  • Roll with it


    Roll with it

    Greg & Brian experience all aspects of startup work: serving customers, losing deals, building teams, scaling software, making payroll, delivering product.

  • Acquisition



    Brian & Greg, backed by a smart team, are acquired by a $2B company. While there, we create the platform that enables new business models for next $2B.

  • Onward



    Feeling a need for change, Greg & Brian create Scotch & Blend LLC. Time to build something new.

  • Let us

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